The psalms are the spiritual songs sung by the people of Israel in their public worship and private meditation.  They were accompanied with stringed instrument when they were sung in the temple. The Psalms are their devotional praise and worship songs.  Every Psalm contains praise to God.  In the Old Testament it is a sin not to praise God.  There are declarative and descriptive Psalms.  In the declarative Psalms praise God for what he does and the descriptive Psalms praise God for who he is.  Scholars suggest that the Psalms mean “Praise songs sung to the accompaniment of musical instruments”. 

The Psalms are the inspired responses of human hearts to God’s revelation.  They are the collection of praise, worship and prayer.  This is the most beloved and read book in the Bible. The Psalms includes diverse topics such as joy, blessedness, war, peace, worship, wisdom, judgment Messianic prophecy and lament.  They originated from the knowledge of God’s sovereignty and goodness.  They consider what God has done in the past and able to do in the present and in the future. Someone has said “A Psalm a day keeps worry away”. Psalms have become the source of joy, peace consolation, comfort, inspiration and courage to millions of Christians throughout the history.  The early Church discovered the book of Psalms to be the spiritual heritage because they gave them strength and hope in times of distress. The study of Psalms encouraged and strengthened me all through my Christian life.

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